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Brazing and Soldering Automation (BSA) is a compound fluxing/solder paste which you apply to your joins instead of using seperate fluxing paste and soldering wire. So it takes like TEN FUCKING SECOND TO APPLY AND SOLDER instead of having to GRIND FLUX PASTE AND USE TWEEZERS TO APPLY TINY PIECES OF SOLDER AND THEN THE SHIT FALLS OFF ANYWAY

I love this shit so haaaaaaaard. And it only cost $18 for a tube that should last me a while (given how much solder I need for my jewellery making)
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I lost my wallet somewhere between getting on the 380 bus and walking to the Strand Arcade.


Losing $30 is not such a bother but replacing all my 'wallet stuff'... and I'd just gotten my new Student Card. Bleh
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With a bit of extra care, Sleeping Ize makes an awesome Isaia. Tired, smirk-faced jerk that he is.

Borrowed Loki's Souldoll body for this shoot. Minus the ungainly knee joints, It slouches awesomely. Something about this wig always tugs at me, it's so awesomely unruly. Not, you know, strictly Isaia-like but it carries a similar essence. He'll get his own body and wig in time anyway. But it's nice to see him here as a character instead of just a head that rolls around my room.

I like how his faceup turned out. First time using acrylics for eyebrows and I didn't screw it up too much. Freckly things were a late addition but it makes sense in the context of him having auburn hair. Plus, it adds a certain texture.

I swear his eyes are kinda crooked though. Silicone are hard to adjust.
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Just saw the Orangebabydolly teaser for their March jewellery collection. There's a crazy awesome multi-coloured tribal bead necklace that would be THE AWESOMEST NECKLACE EVER for Isaia.

Never gonna get it though. Someone's gonna bid crazy high on it and I can't justify that much money ;~;. Especially when I enjoy making things myself, so I can live with not getting it, knowing I can make something that fits Isaia's style myself (though I do adore OBD and their ethnic/tribal beads. It's something which, as a small time buyer of materials, I just can't amass that kind of eclectic bead collection)

You know I'm kinda warming to this idea of his terribad-yetawesome fashion sense. Bastard don't give a shit if he stands out like a peacock in multicolours.


I thought of getting Isaia a Luts budy but then I realised I hate their torso joints. Because they have none. They have this useless hip joint THING which makes it like impossible for them to slouch well. And Isaia is a goddamn sloucher. Not straight-backed at all. He slinks like a skinny dog, a kind of dissinterested nonchalance and general languidness. So after all that I'm probably going to have to hunt down a Souldoll body anyway. lol

Today I bought Dexter on DVD. Gonna give it a shot since I hear good things about it. Also got a Moleskin diary for $2. YEAH $2. I save $35 according to the receipt. It was marked down as 'damaged' although to be honest it's practically mint and I beat up my Moleskins anyway. I feel that a well-loved Moleskin is one that shows the wear and tear of its owner's travels.
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So I don't actually have volume #13 yet, but

Picked up Vagabond 14 the other day.

Madman lowered the print quality if this volume. Don't know why. Cost cutting maybe? Made me kinda sad. I really liked the... feel of the wood-free paper they used in the previous volumes. It had a smooth, thick quality to it that seemed befitting of Inoue's detailed linework. The newer one is just a bit rougher and uses glossy pages for colour inserts instead of matt.
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Sometimes you get lucky if you wait

Hells yeah. Paid for a Sleeping Ize head today. Should be here next week. Then I can start modding it and shiiiit. Gonna hop on the 4D group order and get this outfit. At first I wanted to get the plain beige+colour trim one, but it was too big and the thought occurred to me that the crazy colours just fit with him right. I can imagine him having a somewhat random and eclectic fashion sense. And heaven forbid you give him any shit for wearing a shirt with flowers on it, he'll probably stab you in the mouth.

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On the merits of teen fiction

Thinking of turning Crazy Bastard in to a doll has made me want to revisit his character. And by that I mean figure out what the shit he's doing.

I've always had a little soft spot for him as a relic of my cliche ridden teenage writing days. His name was Kagai Hyuusuke which then became Kagae Hyuuen which is now I-Don't-Know-What but I'll-Think-Of-Something-Better. Yeah bitch. All my characters had wank-tastic Japanese names. This is what being a 15-year-old weaboo does to you. Then you grow up and realise how brain-damaging it all was.


I'll call him Crazy Bastard (CB) for the sake of this conversation. CB was... wait for it! A half demon. Suck on it. Half Demons are awesome for a little while. Angst and shit. He was half ice demon, which meant that if they stayed in cold areas for too long after they had come of age, they would awaken their other half. He had a sister or something. Tomiko I think. I only ever wrote like half a story about him but I'm pretty sure it involved her dying because of something he did. He was half normal and half crazy, and then just became wracked by guilt. Demonic sides are a poisonous thing.

I can't remember if he had a middling character development stage, or if I just forgot about him for 5 years and then he re-emerged in his more current form. The resemblance he bears to his original self is mostly aesthetically and... thematic, I suppose. He is still somewhat crazy, but for different reasons. Like Kathan, he was a soldier of war, a person of discipline, proactiveness, and self belief. Also a jerk, but whatever.I remember realising I knew very little about him before he had a few screws loose, and wondering what kind of person he was. Was he normal, kind, empathetic? But I didn't like the idea of saint-come-sinner. People don't always change that much. Just because he's a crazy jerk now, doesn't mean he wasn't a plain old jerk to begin with.

He is a man who should be dead, but isn't. A person whose sense of perception, reality, and morality is screwed.